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Basic & Mainstream Figuren

Stand: Oktober 2015

CALLERLAB recommends that the Basic and Mainstream Program, calls 1-68, be taught in twenty-two sessions of two hours each (total 58 hours). Callerlab also recommends that calls be taught from more than a single position (formation and arrangement) and that styling and timing be included as a part of the teaching program. Calls in italics may be deffered until later in teaching sequence.

Die mit *kursiv gekennzeichneten Figuren werden in der Regel später gelehrt, wenn die erforderlichen Voraussetzungen gegeben sind. Siehe auch Trends.

Basic Part A 

Basic Part B 


  1. Circle left / circle right

  2. Forward and back

  3. Dosado / Dosado to a wave

  4. Swing

  5. Promenade

    a. couples (full, 1/2, 3/4)

    b. single file promenade

    c. wrong way promenade

    d. star promenade

  6. Allemande left

  7. Arm turns

  8. Right and left grand

    a. right and left grand

    b. weave the ring

    c. wrong way grand

  9. Left / right hand star

  10. Pass thru

  11. Half sashay

    a. half sashay

    b. rollaway

    c. ladies in, men sashay

  12. Turn back

    a. U turn back

    b. backtrack

  13. Seperate around 1 or 2

    a. to a line

    b. come into the middle

  14. Split two

  15. Courtesy turn

  16. Ladies chain

    a. two ladies chain (normal, 3/4)

    b. four ladies chain (normal, 3/4)

    c. chain down the line

  17. Do Paso

  18. Lead right

  19. Veer left / right

  20. Bend the line

  21. Circulate

    a. (named dancers) circulate

    b. all 8 circualte

    c. couples circulate

    d. single file circulate

    e. split / box circulate

  22. Right and left thru

  23. Grand Square

  24. Star thru

  25. Circle to a line

  26. Walk around the corner

  27. See saw

  28. Square thru (1,2,3,4)

    left square thru

  29. California twirl

  30. Dive thru

  1. Wheel around

  2. Thar

    a. allemande thar

    b. LA to an allemande thar

    c. wrong way thar

  3. Shoot the Star

    shoot the star full around

  4. Slip the clutch

  5. Box the Gnat

  6. Trade

    a. (named dancers) Trade

    b. Couples Trade

    c. Partner Trade

  7. Ocean Wave

    a. step to a wave

    b. balance

  8. Alamo Style/Ring Formation

  9. Swing thru / left swing thru

  10. Run / cross run

  11. Pass the ocean

  12. Extend

  13. Wheel and deal

  14. Double pass thru

  15. First couple go left / right

    Next couple go right / left

  16. Zoom

  17. Flutterwheel

    reverse flutterwheel

  18. Sweep a Quarter

  19. Trade By

  20. Touch 1/4 (a quarter)

  21. Ferris Wheel



  1. Cloverleaf

  2. Turn thru

  3. Eight chain thru (1 thru 8)

  4. Pass to the center

  5. Single hinge / couples hinge

  6. Centers in

  7. Cast off 3/4

  8. Spin the top

  9. Walk and dodge

  10. Slide thru

  11. Fold / cross fold

  12. Dixie style to an ocean wave

  13. Spin chain thru

  14. Tag the line (in, out, right, left)

  15. Half tag

  16. Scoot Back

  17. Recycle (from waves only)



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